FAQs for NewCo Host Companies - 2016

The NewCo Festival is an annual, city-wide event designed to connect and celebrate the most inspiring, mission-driven companies in a city. These are organizations that are shifting their industries, valuing transparency and placing purpose and people at the center of their enterprise. Being selected to host at a NewCo Festival is a chance to align your company and brand with the global NewCo movement, one in which businesses and organizations become change agents, positively transforming the world.  Learn more about hosting at NewCo.

This year, we are bringing NewCo to 16+ cities and look forward to working with you to create a session that properly captures and shares your unique story. If you have more questions than the FAQs below, please send an email to hostco@newco.co.

What is NewCo?

NewCo is a media and events platform with a unified mission: to identify, connect and celebrate the engines of positive change in our society. The NewCo festival is a unique event experience: a mashup of a business conference and artist’s open studio, NewCo festivals have the vibe of a music festival with the city serving as the event venue. The brightest companies in a city open their doors to NewCo festival-goers for informative, inspiring, creative 45-minute sessions in the native environment of their office, studio or production space.

What makes a company a NewCo?

  • NewCos are on a mission to change the world.
  • NewCos are enablers, not gatekeepers.
  • NewCos believe in open collaboration with customers, suppliers, employees, and their community.
  • NewCos believe in transparent communication.
  • NewCos are open minded and nimble.

Read this post by NewCo’s Editor-in-Chief and CEO, John Battelle, for more on what makes a company a NewCo.

Why should I participate as a Host Company? What are the benefits?

NewCo is a powerful vehicle to bring smart, qualified people into your office space for a multitude of opportunities. Recruiting, business development, networking, product showcases, supporting the innovation economy and enhancing community relations: these are but a few of the many reasons to participate. The best part? You don’t have to go anywhere. NewCo brings the right folks to you.

We’ll work with you to design a session which attracts the perfect audience to fit your company’s specific needs.

Hear what others are saying about participating in NewCo.

Other benefits include:

  • No charge to be a presenting host company
  • Press and marketing opportunities
  • Network with top senior leaders, founders, investors, and influencers
  • Access to VIP events
  • Complimentary festival tickets
  • Align your company and brand with the global NewCo community
  • Accepted NewCo companies qualify to be a finalist for NewCo Honors (LNK)
  • The intimate, experiential environment created by NewCo sessions makes for a much more engaging, connective experience than you will find at a traditional conference.
  • Learn more about hosting at NewCo

How do I become a NewCo Host Company?

The first step is to submit an application form. Our editorial committee reviews all submissions on a rolling basis. All applicants who are selected to host will be notified at least 12 weeks prior to the festival date.

What is the cost?

There is no fee to apply or to participate. We simply ask that you fill out a form and our editorial team will review your application to determine if you are a good fit to present at our festival.

What is my commitment as a NewCo host?

As a NewCo Host Company, we ask that:

  • A founder, executive or senior member of your management team be available to lead the 45-minute informational session
  • You have a physical space in the festival region where you can host.
  • Your session content centers around your organization’s mission, vision for the future or innovation story. Tell attendees how you are creating positive change.
  • You help us market your session to your fans, lists, and followers via direct emails, in your e-blast newsletters, via social, and beyond.

What day and time will I host my NewCo session?

Host companies may set preferences for time of day on the host company application. We will do our best to assign you to your preferred time slot.

How many people will be coming to my office?

Host companies may set preferences for attendance capacity on the host company application. The typical size of a NewCo session is between 25-40 people.

Who will be attending NewCo?

NewCo is a ticketed event. Our audience is mainly comprised of founders, C-suite executives, senior leadership, marketers, investors, developers, writers, technologists, and policy-makers, most of whom are local to your city. We have a growing audience that travels to festivals from out of state, and many who come from abroad!

NewCo attendees are high caliber members working within your industry, your city, and your community across a range of business sectors. They make the effort to attend your session because they value the opportunity to learn from your company’s leaders about your organization’s mission and operations as they pertain to your industry vertical and seat in the global business community. Presenting at NewCo is a unique opportunity for you to share the story of the distinct value of the work you do. It’s also a chance to create new business and community relationships.

Check out demographic info from past NewCo festivals.  

How can I market my session so as to attract the best possible audience and ensure my session’s success?

Each host company is expected to help market their session through their own efforts and by supporting NewCo’s own dynamic marketing campaign. That said, your company’s efforts are intrinsic to your session’s overall success. Here are some examples of ways you can help market your NewCo session and ensure increased visibility for your session and for the festival as a whole:

  • Sharing and liking NewCo’s social media posts
  • Forwarding NewCo’s media products to your partners, investors, colleagues, and communities.
  • Create a direct e-blast to your list. Invite them to attend the festival.
  • Direct invites from specific members of your organization to curated lists
  • Pitching your media contacts about your participation in NewCo, etc.

We’ll also highlight your city’s festival in our editorial publication, SHIFT, in both our editorial newsletters, the Weekly and Daily, in our marketing e-blasts, via our social media channels, and through a targeted local and national media push. You will be given a toolkit with best marketing practices and you’ll have a chance to work directly with the NewCo marketing team to help you best utilize these efforts.

Will Press be at the Festival?

The spirit of the NewCo festival is one of openness and transparency. Media are in attendance. If you have strict privacy policies about press, be sure to discuss them with your NewCo producer ahead of time.

Previous NewCo festivals have garnered extensive coverage in outlets including CNBC, Bloomberg, Fortune, Forbes, WIRED, San Francisco Chronicle,TechCrunch,  AdAge, Inc, GigaOm, Digiday. You can view a complete list of past coverage here.

How many host companies will be presenting?

The number of host companies varies per day by city market but the average ranges between 30-50 companies per day.

What is the format of the NewCo Festival?

NewCo sessions are 45 minutes long. This includes a 5-minute “meet and greet,” 30 minutes of session content, followed by a 10-15 minute Q&A session. You are expected to wrap up and dismiss your attendees at the 45-minute mark. Attendees often like to stay after your session is complete and chat with your speaker – if time is allotted. You are only committed to hosting one session on one day of the festival. There will be multiple sessions happening per time slot simultaneously all across the city. Time slots typically occur during business hours of 9:00am-5:00pm. See an example of the schedule here.

NewCo sessions are presented in a wide range of formats. We’ve seen everything from presentation slides to panels to intimate roundtable discussions. However, the most memorable sessions usually include an interactive component like a hands-on workshop, product demo, office tour, tasting or game.

What am I supposed to talk about?

The content of your session is up to you and your team. We look for presentations that align with the NewCo narrative that business is changing. Companies like yours are looking to support more than the bottom line, electing to take a course which is at once thoughtful, sustainable, and profitable.   Consider, how is your company creating positive change in your industry, your local or global community, your office, or elsewhere? What is your organization’s vision for the future? How is your organization navigating a changing landscape? What successes and challenges do you face in a particular area? Presentations on office culture, founders’ stories, and educational talks are all great too. See some great examples of session descriptions here.

What is the setup I need to provide as a host?

You are responsible for providing seating and/or accommodation for the number of attendees you indicated on your host company application. If you have any in-house audio capabilities and hope to host over 50 people, we suggest that you utilize your in-house resources (but not a requirement).

Do we need to provide food and drinks?

While not required, keep in mind that attendees are out and about traveling to different sessions throughout the day so light snacks and drinks are often appreciated.

How will I prepare for my session?

You will be working with one of NewCo’s producers throughout the entire process to ensure that you are well prepared for your session. You will be provided all the tools you need to conduct a successful session, including a marketing guide, toolkit, signage, and an on-site volunteer to help execute your session. You can ask your NewCo contact for anything at anytime!

Will someone from NewCo be on-site to help us the day of the event?

Yes! You will be assigned a trained NewCo staff to arrive at your office 30 minutes early to ensure you are well-prepared for your session.

Are there any other events we can attend besides our own session?

Yes! As a participating Host Company, you are invited to an exclusive, pre-event VIP party as well as a Festival After Party. You are also given complimentary tickets to check out unlimited sessions at the Festival.

Are there opportunities for sponsorship?

Absolutely! Please email hostco@newco.co and you will be directed to the correct person.

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